Feature from Cutout Animation Tutorial


I finished watching the cut-out animation tutorial. I have a, i should probably know this, question about one of the features. I have Animate, non-Pro, but I still see it when I open the material pack.

The rabbit has something above the master peg, it is a box with a triangle in it called KR_Master. I liked that you can key frame that box and it keyframed all the characters parts. I have been doing it the long tedious and open for mistakes way of selecting all the parts and key framing.

How do you add that to your Master_Peg?

Thank you,


Are you opening the sample material pack reserved for Animate Pro or the Animate one (Animate being the Part 2 pack).

I think the box you are referring to is a Group.
The groups can be added only in Animate Pro, therefore that’s why I am wondering if you are opening the Animate Pro material pack.

Also, if you collapse your master peg, you can add a keyframe on it and it will add the keyframe on all the parts (when collapsed only), regardless of having a group or not.

And I will take that opportunity to plug that if you would like to have Animate Pro, starting tomorrow, the upgrade from Animate to Animate Pro will be on sale at a very good price.

Good luck!


Thank you. I thought I heard the word Group on the video but couldn’t find it in the user manual.

I also didn’t know that about the master peg when you collapse it. That only will save me so much time.

As for the sample packs, when I downloaded them there was only one folder with one file in it to open.