Feature film using Toon Boom Studio?

I have old version of Toon Boom Studio & after some time planning to upgrade to new version. I bought the old version last year but still I didn’t use much.

Now I have a question.
Is it possible to make a feature film using Toon Boom Studio? I have checked Toon Boom Showcase but there’s no films using TB Studio.

I heard that old versions doesn’t support on making feature films & I hope they have added this feature in new version.

Recently I saw a wiki page about feature films using Flash. List of Flash animated films. Then why not Toon Boom Studio? which has many features.

No, I don’t want to go with other Toon Boom products due to couple reasons such as cost, OS versions(64 bit), etc.,

If TB Studio not for feature film, probably I’ll start looking for …

Thanks for your replies.

Toon Boom Studio supports 2048 x 2048 resolution. So 1.33 (2048 x 1536) and 1.66 (2048 x 1234) film resolution would work in Toon Boom Studio in theory.
The main concern here is the working environment and the quality of animation. Toon Boom Studio is standalone application mostly designed working individual. Feature film is a big project might require more than one animato to do the job especially traditional animation. Also, you have to think about the quality of the animation. If all are qualified by your current project, there is no different between Flash or Toon Boom Studio. All you need is finding right product fits on your project and the product pipeline.

I’m guessing it’s because most studios would use the higher-end products such as Harmony.



for a list of various movies and films using TB products.