Feathered Edges question

Something that I just thought of… Can the feathered edges effect be undone? Other than with “undo,” that is. Say for instance you apply the effect to something, have already saved & closed the program, then later decide you don’t want the feathered edges. Can the area be selected again & the feathering be removed? I’ll play with it on my own to see, but thought I’d ask here first in cas I can get a quick answer.
Thanks in advance,

Select the Feather Edges and delete them.
(if difficult, select all and shift-deselect the main object, than delete)


Thanks Nolan,

I could see doing that on a simple object, or maybe even a more complicated one if there were not too many steps involved in the feathering. But for complex drawn objects that have a lot of small steps involved, deleting all those edges could be a real pain. I guess it depends on how many colors are involved & how much overlapping of edges there is.