Feather Edges & Cell Placement

Two Questions:

Say I have a cycle of 15 frames and I want to use the feather edges effect on all of them. Is there a way to batch it so I don’t have to do it cell by cell? Oh, and is there a way to change the default setting of the feather edges effect?

Also- If I’m trying to put those cells into the timeline- can I ‘add all’ cells? Instead of adding one cell to one frame, the going to the next frame and adding the next cell (especially because it default to the blank cell 1).


For the moment there is not batch option in Toon Boom Studio so you will need to apply the feather edge frame by frame if you want the intensity to change over time.

As for the second question, I am not completely sure to understand what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to extend the exposure of those cells you should use the Extend Exposure option (shortcut R). If you want to drop an already made cell in an empty drawing you should be able to us the shortcut A and S to navigate through frame and then afterward use the Cell tab to cell swap the drawing you want to have in that frame.



Thanks for the reply.

To clarify- Say I have a 15 cell cycle for fire.
Right now, I have to go through each frame and drop a cell in per frame. If I already have all 15 cells set up under the cells, is there a way I can highlight all of them and drag them into the timeline, so cells 1-15 are in frames 1-15?

Hope that makes better sense…

And then for each of those cells of fire, I want to feather the edges out a bit- not growing in intensity, but just maintaining an equal amount of blur- can I highlight all the cells and batch feather edges to all of them?

And finally, is there a way to change the default settings to feathering edges?

Thanks again


For the filling of the frame with the cycle you should be able to do that by using the Create Advanced Cycle option in the Exposure Sheet. In the interface select the first frame and the last frame and simply cycle once and you should have your sequence filled automatically.

Concerning the feather edge unfortunately this will need to be set frame by frame and there is no actual way to change the default values as they are hard coded in the software.

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