FBX size limitation?

I have been doing a lot of importing of FBX files into StoryboardPro 3D with very few problems, and have noticed that performance improves when I shrink texture sizes, which results in the shrinkage of the FBX files I make.However - on bigger environments, even though I do that, I run into many crashes with ToonBoom SBP 3D and I suspect it’s because I must be passing some size threshold. I can break my environment into several smaller FBX files and each one can import successfully, but at some point when I merge them one at a time the program eventually crashes.Is there a place where I can increase the memory limitation of the software? Is there a way to make it support larger files without crashing?Thanks,Dani.

Seems like the threshold is around 70 Mb.Things that pass that crash the program. Under it it’s still kinda’ stable.

Actually it’s based on what your computer can handle. I would always suggest working with lower-res models when you’re in the storyboarding phase. You can always update your models with high-res models when you export out. But when storyboarding, it’s best to work with lower-res models.

The application only imports the model once, and then whenever you use that model from there on out, it will reference the model that had been imported into the project, which keeps it small.

If you have doubts and want us to take a look at your project files, then you can email support@toonboom.com