FBX losing textures path

Hi,I’m hoping to get some insight on this subject.I’m using an FBX file in my project, that was exported from 3DSMax and, most probably, uses textures from the textures directory that was used by 3DSMax.When I moved the project, with the FBX, to another computer - the 3D model came out untextured.I’ve recreated the path structure on the new computer and copied the textures to there - and then all worked - but it was cumbersome as I had to create a virtual drive (using “subst”) to mimic the drive I used on the first computer.Now I need to do that again - move some FBX files and the SBP project from one computer to another - and I wanted to know if there’s a simple way to point ToonBoom Storyboard 3D to read its textures from a defined directory rather than the default one that is saved in the FBX.I actually thought that FBX stores all the textures in it so it won’t need to search for external textures…Thanks!Dani.

I think my problem was caused by not ticking the option of “embedding textures” in the export options of the FBX.Seems to work fine now - except for some glitches where the textures are embedded (and show up in the elements folder) - but do not show in the scene.Overall - it works fine now.

Exactly - when you embed the textures, that’s the best way.

Otherwise the other thing you should be able to do is copy the textures into the project directory. I think it looks there by default to find the textures. So just copy it in the same place as the FBX file is iimported.