Faux sand painting animation

Hi everyone…

I have to figure out how to animate a scene that would look like an animated Navajo sand painting, such as these two (one silhouette and one multi color):



I have an idea how this could be done.

I want to record a few long video recordings of motionless sand, in various colors, and use those videos as textures.

Then, for the silhouette animation I would like to animate actual drawn silhouettes, and then make it so that the outside of the silhouette shows the prerecorded video of the BG sand, while the silhouette is like a window (or a mat) that shows the prerecorded video of the black sand.

The multicolor character would be the same principle, except a multi layer composition.

Doing this kind of compositing goes beyond by ToonBoom skills.

Would anyone be able to give me a few guidelines on how to do this?

thank you…

I something similar to make a parchment type effect on a video i did. All i did was make an image in photoshop and overlay it with transparency.

Also I did that with version 1. They now have composite modes so you could use them as well.

With that method you just do your animation as normal and overlay the sand texture to get the effect.


I still need some help with this.

I recorded 12 static video clips of static sand in various colors. The goal is to use those textured video clips as colors

So, what I think can be done is import the movies into the project. That converts them into a series of images, right?

Then I want to animate characters in different colors and I want to make each of the colors act as a window into the video layer of the static sand.

Any ideas how I can do that?

thanks in advance…

PS - I really don’t want to overlay my animation over one single piece of sand and work with transparencies, because I don’t want to dilute the image of the sand.

you mean just add all the videos then use masks to reveal each one?

I guess that’s another way to say it.

That sounds like it could do the trick but I guess I don’t know how to use it.

I found this effect in the module library and I connected it in the network. From the top down I connected

character level > cutter > sand video > composite module…etc

I even opened the cutter effect and selected inverse. I guess I’m not connecting it right, because all I get is the sand showing up as a background layer.

Can you help?


Sorry… I wrote too soon…

I just noticed the the cutter module has 2 connections on top and I think I’m on my way…

I’ll ask for help only if I’m stuck…

Thanks a million… :slight_smile:

You could just use the Cutter effect (Animate Pro) or you could try using Mask (Animate).


You can always consult the User Guide (F1) for help with using effects. There’s a great section in there that I always reference that goes through all the modules and how to use them.