Father and Son toon #3

I’ve completed my third Father & Son toon. Unlike my first three minute and four and a half minute epics, this one is a one minute shorty.




Hi Jeff,

Nice cartoons, you are almost there. With little more body movements and characters talking in more than one angle it would look almost pro.


I’m sorry but is very funny, this idea gives you a lot of material it is endless, the animation will get better with time. Congratulations.

I like that your videos have adult humor that’s funny without being completely obcene, that shows that you think about the jokes a bit more than other people. Keep it up.

I thought your first one with the song was the best, I got the most laughs out of that.

Thanks for the valuable feedback. As you can tell I’ve been keeping a lot of stuff on backgrounds to lessen the animation and increase my production, but it is looking a bit stiff. On the next one I’m going to try and put more in the drawing elements and get some more activity out of them, even if it’s just side to side or zoom in and out. My biggest hang up is drawing faces digitially (as opposed to scanning from my comic book type brush inked art), but I should try loosening up and moving the bodies around freehand in Toon Boom.

They don’t nesessarily need to be very flexible, if you look at South Park the just kind of bounce around and move on very simple joints and I think that, for your kind of cartoons, that would be sufficient movement.