Fatal Exception

So I was about 3 hours into a project and I just got a “fatal exception” error in Animate 2.

Everything is gone. Is there any sort of auto-save function I can enable for the future? Or will I have to become OCD about clicking “save” every few minutes?

Any ideas about the “fatal exception” error cause?


I can’t help, but I got the fatal error message the other day for the first time, too.

thankfully, I was able to find one of my auto renders (the one that brings up your browser and plays a swf) - I was able to find the swf in my temp data and import it back into animate.

Managed to recreate this "fatal exception."

While in the timeline, I selected multiple frames (shift click) and then went to “drawing substitutions” and was clicking through my substitutions when the message came up again, thus crashing animate.

this is the 2nd time it has happened.

Do you get this error with a brand new scene, or only the scene in question?

I just tried to do it myself on a blank scene and I was unable to reproduce the crash. If it’s tied to that scene, then you can email your scene into support so that we can use it to fix the crash and prevent the same crash from happening in future versions of the software.