Fatal Error when using Cutter Tool


I hope you can help me.

I get a ‘Fatal Error: Not a Valid Tagged File’ quite often when I use the Cutter Tool on smaller lines.
The software shuts down and I lose any unsaved work.
I’m having to cover myself by saving after every single use of the Cutter Tool.
Any advice.
I’m using AnimatePro3 on Windows 7 with a 24HD Cintiq, if that helps diagnose the problem.



I’ve just noticed a post about this problem from August last year.
Has a fix been found yet?

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If you can reproduce this reliably contact support to have a look on your system.

I’m Pretty certain I can reproduce this - it keeps happening to me.

I too had a problem with this and sent a bug report. I was told it was a known bug and they were working on a fix. I am coincidentally working in animate pro 3 as well as a using a 24hd cintiq(I am using osx however).

Anyway, after updating to the latest version it no longer seems to be reproduceable. The cutter tool does seem a little fickle now though. Sometimes running the cutter over a line you wish to cut away doesn’t always cut it on the first try. It doesn’t crash the program though so I’m happy with the fix.

I was advised to update to the latest version (didn’t know there was one until support told me), and yes, it seems to have fixed the cutter error.

Cheers, and thanks to the Support Team for their help.

The new versions are 8710 for Windows and 9710 for Mac. It’s possible you didn’t delete your old downloads if you’re seeing something called 10.50.

Same dilemma here. I’m on a MacBook Pro running yosemite and using a Wacom intuos 4 tablet.
I get the ‘Not a Valid Tagged File’ quite frequently when I use the cutter tool on small brush or pencil lines. I downloaded and re-instaled the newest version from the Toon-Boom site (animate pro 3 10.50) juat a few days ago. Still crashes. I hope a fix is released soon…