Fatal Error - Unknown Exception


I’ve recently upgraded to Animate and it’s been working fine, however, all of the sudden I keep getting a fatal error. If I create some drawings, then try and scrub through the substitutions, as soon as I release the mouse button, i get “Fatal Error - Unknown Exception”. I’ve re-installed and that doesn’t fix the problem.

I’m using XP, 3GB RAM, GeForce 8500 GT 512MB.

If any knows why this might be happening, your help will be very much appreciated.


Most of my issues with the software have been video driver related. Some of the more advanced brushes and imported artwork seem to stress the machine greatly. I see you are running XP, which means you have an older video card. It may be time to upgrade your machine.

I recently played with Animate Pro and Harmony on a refurbished older tablet from Motion. It crashed anytime I went beyond basic drawings. I was bummed. Driver updates failed to fix this.

Look up your video card and look at the drivers available. I have been able to get updated drivers that often fix the problem (though it failed for me on my most recent experiment).

Video cards appear to be extremely important in this software.

(I’m not a Toon Boom employee, so take my advice with a grain of salt.)

Steven Mussey

I’d suggest that you write in to support@toonboom.com so they can see if there’s anything they can suggest.