fatal error ..., then st9exception

in timeline when moving the red arrow (current frame) appears “fatal error”, then another window st9exception…
then animate pro 2 quits


st9 exception, then crashes…

Is this with your large scene lengths? If so it could be a memory issue.

no, that is not the large scene.
this was a new scene that I started yesterday.
st9 exception appears in different parts and it seems different type of errrors.

today, for example some st9 exceptions appeared when I tried to export a movie. "the following errors occurred:/export to… filename.mov St9 exception.
could not complete the operation"
that error appeared and appeared until I restarted animate pro 2.

so at the moment it seems some st9exeptions of different type:
when moving between frames in timeline. it crashes
when previewing a animation, it quits.
when exporting a movie, it does not export, but no crashes and no quits.