Fatal Error - Please help

I am trying to open Toon Boom Harmony Advanced for Mac and I just get this now when it worked fine before -
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 22.26.01 copy

This person has the same problem but with Storyboard Pro. They never posted back if they fixed the issue.

Are you on macOS 12 Monterey? Might be best to contact support.

I haven’t updated the Mac OS - didn’t have this problem before

Try and search for the log file ‘HarmonyAdvanced_owner_9999.log’ to find it’s location (It’s in a /tmp/ directory).

Or in Finder menu bar under Go>Go to Folder(shift-cmd+g), type in /tmp (this should take you the folder).

Once you are in the /tmp directory you should see ToonBoom folders and Harmony log and lock files. Delete them you shouldn’t need them. If you want to be safe make a backup folder and dump the files into it. Then try starting Harmony.

I appreciate your help - but I can’t find this tmp file to delete it - it doesn’t appear in the /tmp folder or in the Toon Boom folders as far as I can tell so far

What macOS are you using?

this is an old Mac Book Pro with High Sierra still

No worries, just wondering.

How about trying /var/tmp in Finder>Go>Go to Folder.

That has given me this…

these folders appear to be empty or full CelCache folders that are empty

Funny the ‘ToonBoomCelCacheTempDir’ is there.

Try ~/Library/Application Support in Finder>Go>Go to Folder.

This is what I get there…

Sorry now I’m stumped, you just need to find the location of the log files. They should be in a hidden folder somewhere.

Yeah - I will look tomorrow - thanks for your endeavours

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Just to make sure, the last folder I got you to check might have not been the right one.
Looks like you went to:
/Library/Application Support
What you want is:
~/Library/Application Support
Make sure you use the tilde (~) above tab Key.
The full path would be: /Users/[yourusername]/Library/Application Support