Fat outline effect?


I was wondering if i could get information about how to make only the outline of the character more expanded without drawing on every single frame myself?

I want to create a game design that has this kind of paper effect

Example: http://www.indiegamemag.com/on-trial-paper-moon/paper-moon-screen1/

You could try the Matte Resize Module.


I have trouble with the matt resize module as it doesn’t create a black outline, it just creates an outline made up of the different colours used in the drawing. Also, it seems to place random specs of dirt next to the drawing, that weren’t there before. I’ve tried darkening the line using the contrast module, which works to a degree, but even when you’re outlining text it still makes the specs appear.

I’ve just rendered out a scene where the specs even flash a couple of times over 20 or so frames, even though the drawing is static. Any ideas?

You can use a matte resize module and a matte blur module. Otherwise install the FX pack 4 or 3 with the bubble shadow FX if you are using animate pro 2. Just check the resource hub of the templates.