faster render engine

Short wish list for 3.6 free upgrade:
1. Refine the render/export engine to make it faster, optimized for multiprocessor architecture (macs today are multiprocessor you know =), and more color accurate on bitmaps (or perhaps that goes for the bitmap import engine.) I think it’s only fair to aim for a 4-8 times faster render/export engine. It’s the true bottle neck of today’s version. Alternatives are 6-20 times as fast… really! I was shocked when I benchmarked a couple of alternatives side by side…

2. Option to use external “global palettes” over multiple documents, and that when a “global palette” is edited from one document, the changes are saved in the external file, so that the palette is always up to date in all documents where it’s being used.

Wish list for 4.0 upgrade:
1. Render cue. An option for setting up a cue of scenes to render over night… or lunch.

2. Shadow separator pen. When I draw lines for shadow separation I’m using the pencil tool, because it has no thickness when filling, and I can see it in onion skin while animating, and then hide it with opacity. I’d like a special pen for shadow separation, and an option to fade selected colors separated with the shadow separator pen.

3. Better brush thickness control for thin brushes. A thin brush today gets a little thinner when you zoom in and paint, it’s kind of a bummer. For a professional look it’s important with line thickness control.
3 b. “Live pencils”. The lines of a picture drawn with a live pencil are bound to the pen palette. If you change the width in the pen palette, the lines of each drawing with that pen will follow accordingly… just like with color palettes, but with lines.

4. Group cycle / peg cycle. To cycle an animation consisting of multiple layers. And also treat the group as one object.

5. As you’re rewriting the render engine =) you could as well put in some more filters. Like depth of field, gaussian blur, diffuse drop shadow. That would save a lot of time of multi pass rendering.

6. Real pens. Pens that look more organic, brushy, smudgy, when rendered, but still serious. Try to imitate the typical hand drawn animation pen, with a tiny smudgy edge, and almost a tiny shadow.

…just to mention a few… =)