Fast way of switching brushes?

I am using 2 different brushes, a thin one for lines, and a thicker one for painting and various other things.

I was wondering if there is a keystroke or something that allows me to switch between the two brushes as I find manually changing them kind of annoying and time consuming at times.

Any help or tips is appreciated!

Not sure, if there is a shortcut at all for switching brushes…?
Haven’t found one in Animate 2 yet…

Personally, I hold down the “O-key”, then drag left or right in the viewport…
This changes sizes very fast and convenient…


As far as I know the only way to switch between brushes is via the dropdown menu - I tend to do like Nolan and resize on the fly with the O key, but I understand why some people like to work with specific sizes.

I’d recommend that you add this as a feature request.