FAO "Elwood" or "Rob" (a guest)

I was reading another post here and Elwood, you mentioned about die_vorhersehung.swf on Robs site and it sounds interesting, therefore id like to watch it. Having said this i cant for the life of me find it on the site gesterworks.net. Is it blatently obvious and im overlooking it or what? I checked the animation section to no avail, so i thought id ask, Thanks,


hi chris,
thanks for dropping by. gesterworks.net does have the film you’ve meant: just click there the bottom (of the two) clip under the number 07 (vorhersehung). btw, you can use the english version of the site, for your own convenience (union jack, main page).
as i posted this film on the animationcorner.com forum, i owed the guys there an english translation. it’s here:

a short story of the film: one german macuser forum started an online story. each user added one word. so the plot is close to nothing :slight_smile: and this the whole 9 chapters.
i did 2 chapters, the first one is a simple animatic with some animated sequences. while doing the next one i changed my mind and made it more animation than animatic, intending to use this film as a kind of a reel. i’m still at the beginning of the animator’s path.

more to come :slight_smile:
the last film is only a screenshot, due to festival rules reasons (www.tensec.com , london based)


Haha its funny, and i can see that it was created from a random script…either that or drugs. You mentioned Svankmajer in the other post, and i think your animation slightly resembles some of his stuff…well, the person with a rat head, and the guy who spins his head, at least, look somewhat svankmajer-esque. Have you seen any of his work? Ive been meaning to buy Alice for ages now, but never seem to get round to it. I like the one (title slips my mind) where theres an empty room and body parts keep coming in to create a man whos too small for the room.

Oh and the scene where a guy is using the towel to dry himself…is it just coincidence or is this taken from that german film Traumschiff Suprise? I was in Germany last year and watched it with some german friends, and that was a song in it…oh well, im babbling on so ill shut up now :slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation btw,


yeah, i know svankmajer’s works, but mostly his stop motion puppets. the czechs are generally great at puppets.

as for the resemblance: i actually had very limited time for this film, because i promised a simple animatic, and delivered a more animated short. so i had to reduce the drawn stuff. there is a great czech draftsman, called miroslav bartak. i like his works for the simplicity of the line (here, for example:

on the other hand, we’ve got a big discussion on experimental animation on the flash filmmaker’s forum, started by elwood:
there are some interesting points and links, too.

and many thanks for your opinion.

no, i haven’t seen the film you’ve meant, but i thought it would be funny to picture it like this :wink: