Failure to save files.

I purchased the toon boom studio today and cannot get it to save files. It will not recognize , it warns me , .new files in the template library. I have tried the right click the library trick . …which generated the same error message.

When I click on the programme loader it loads both the programme and the original download build file :-[

macosx latest updates , imac , 4gig memory.


So I corrected the problem as follows. I erased all evidence of Toon boom on both drives ( backup also .)
Reloaded , got the same message I was complaining about.
Go to the library ( with tb open , using the menu ) and right click left side of panel , manually delete the files. THEN click the default. Clicking default alone did not work.

Now only one TB opens when called and saving is permitted.
SO far so good.
Thanks for the help.
That’s fine, always willing to help mate.
Thanks mate.