Failed to start audio queue: error code -66681

For some reason I am no longer able to play any audio when I try to play back any scenes. For context, I had recently attempted to play and render out a scene before canceling the task because it was taking too long. Now whenever I try to load up a scene (any scene, not just the one I was working on) or play anything back there is a very long delay before an error message (Failed to start audio queue: error code -66681) pops up. Afterwards, the scene plays but without any audio.

Can anyone tell me what’s causing this so I can fix it?

I get the 66681 message occasionally without anything specifically happening to sound playback, but it happens when my cursor freezes and the software won’t respond to my commands. Sometimes the spinning beach ball appears. I don’t know why it chooses that code, but it always happens when the software freezes.

I have the same issiue. Is there any sollution?

Can you please try the following;

  1. Remove QuickTime
  2. Navigate to the location where QuickTime was installed and remove remaining files
  3. Restart the machine
  4. Install QuickTime once again

Please keep me posted.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation