failed to process sound file!

I have read several posts regarding this matter but see where people post the answer!.

I have not experienced this problem before but when I try to open a scene with a sound file or try to import one I get the message ‘Failed to process sound file’

it is so frustrating as it has worked perfectly well till now, please any help would very much appreciated.

attached screen shot of alert message.

Contact support and send them your audio file for analysis.

You may have a problem if your Mac user name has been
modified because the username may no longer correctly
match the location of the user home folder outside of the
OSX GUI (by that I mean the path as seen by the Linux
foundation of OSX doesn’t see it properly). From your sceen
grab this does not appear to be the case but it’s worth checking.

Perhaps the audio track is too large and exceeds the memory
available to process it. Be aware that a 32-bit program on Mac
may only use up to a maximum of 1.7 GB of system RAM and
this is under ideal circumstances.