Failed to process sound file

Just installed Animate 2 and have been putting the app through it’s paces, but for the life of me cannot get a sound file imported into any project. I just get a “failed to process sound file” message box. Any ideas?

As a follow-up: I have tried .mp3, .aif and .wav formats. I made sure that C:\Windows\Temp was fully accessible. I renamed my project paths to not include spaces (e.g. “My Documents” to D:\ToonBoom\project.anim" - Still no success. (And of course, clean reboots)

Turns out it was DEP. Animate uses a utility called ffmpeg.exe to convert audio/video formats - this util uses highly optimzed code and uses “old school tricks” to notch up the speed - DEP does not like some of these tricks because if implemented incorrectly, can cause memory corruption issues. Trusting the util, I added an exception to the Data Execution Prevention properties window and all is right with the world.

Hey, i know this is old, but I’m getting this error in animate pro

Thanks, but the problem still isn’t solved. but I’ve tried using other projects with sound and they work, just the specific one i’m working on doesn’t after i exported it form storyboard pro, and also it duplicates the sound file every time it shows this error message…

I think the problem is solved now thanks Lily

Just to pipe in , happened the second time using the sample files , Could not sort even doing the above. Reinstalled and ok for the moment…

I get that window every time I move a lot of sound files around within a scene. Their wave forms disappear too. Then when I close the program and reopen it they’re fine. I figure it’s a bug, but does no harm, so I don’t sweat it.

Try this:

How to change the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) so our ffmpeg does not get blocked:

-right click [My Computer] > [Properties] > [Advanced]

-under “Performance” > [Settings] > [Data Execution Prevention]

-if “Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only” is selected, then ffmpeg should not get blocked.

-if “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select:” is selected, then you need to add ffmpeg.exe which is found in the “bin” folder of our Toon Boom applications.

Can you please write to so that they can further debug this issue with you? Thanks!