fail to activate

I have purchased the toonboom package in April 2014, the former computer I had the programs installed on had already deactivated the license, so that I could install them onto another computer.
However, when I tried to activate the programs on this new mac, it says that product activation license had been exceeded.

Please help as I no longer have access to these programs and I need to work on something! Thanks.

my order # for harmony was 63907
and for my Storyboard pro was 63907

Sounds like your returned license was not in fact returned.

Does your old computer open Harmony 10? If so the license was not returned.
With the new computer did you try and activate the license with the license wizard? If you opened the App and then applied the license number it might have a problem. Autodesk products insist on using the license transfer utility as activating from inside the app does not work except at the beginning…

Does you old computer accept the license number you were given? If it does then Tech Support will need to look at your new computer.

Regardless, you’ll need to contact Tech Support directly rather than just leave a message here.

Good luck and check with your original/old computer to see if the license works.