Fade out

How do you fade out a scene? Im new to this and am having trouble.

Fade outs and fade ins can be implemented by animating the alpha property of objects in your scene. To animate the alpha property you will need to use a color transform effect. You can attach drawing objects to the color transform and gradually shift the alpha value from opaque to transparent (fade out) or vice versa from transparent to opaque (fade in). In multiplicative color transformations, you select an alpha value (usually between 0 and 1) and multiply this value with all of the color values in an element to arrive at a final value. When you multiply an opaque color (255 alpha) by 0, the result is 0 which makes the color transparent. When you multiply an opaque color (255 alpha) by 1, the result is the colors’ own value which makes the color opaque. Check out the ColorFX tutorial that comes with Toon Boom Studio in the tutorials set to learn more on using color transform effects. -JK