Fade Ins

Hi friends,
I need some help. :smiley: So I have 3 layers , one for doing a white fade in, with the transparency node added to it, a middle ground animation layer, and a background layer and they are positioned in the timeline in that order of fade in on top, middle underneath, and background on bottom.
What is happening is that the transparency is working on the middle ground animation, but I can still see the background layer. How can I get both the middle ground and the background to fade in?

Thank you in advance

Hi rkriz,

I am using Harmony Premium 12 Stage.
Not sure if I am doing what you are mentioning. I tried switching to a fade out to do the same thing in the image I am posting,but again the middle image is fading out but the background is still not fading out along with the image. White layer is only one with transparency on it in first image. Then tried something else in 2nd but still getting same effect of middle image fading but background not doing so.



I can see from your screenshots that you are looking at this in the OpenGL view. It’s a special effect, you will need to spot-check in the render view (blue flower instead of gray flower icon at bottom the Camera window) to see if it’s working. The 41.media image is the correct one.

Remember that since Harmony renders pre-multiplied to black that you will also need to add a white color card to the end (far right) of the composite module (to simulate the paper colour in the movie). This last color card is not needed if you have a BG that takes up the entire camera view space.

Have the transparency module only apply to the white layer.

After that add the foreground and background after the fade-in node. The indentation in the timeline should be the same for all levels with only the transparency effect under the white level being indented more.

Which Harmony specifically are you using? It’s easier to visualize and do something like this in the node view but that’s available only in Harmony Premium.