Fade in and out of sound

So, here is my next one up; isn’t there a way to edit or add a simple fade in or out of sound in Harmony Essentials? I haven’t found it so far and I have been searching high and low.
In my opinion, this should be both essential and simple. Have a look at how it is done in Final Cut Pro X for instence, or in iMovie for that matter. Just a line to drag…

In the Sound Element Editor create as many “nodes” you need (alt-click).
Then drag them around as necessary.

Well, I tried that but nothing happened. Nothing was created and there was nothing to drag around. Perhaps this is also a feature left out from Essentials?

Please, check out this link:
How to create the fade in / out effect on a sound clip:

Sorry for responding so late but I’ve been very busy. Now, that worked for one scene with sound I have, but oddly enough not for the other. When I highlighted the upper window with the waveform, the lower one was not highlighted and wasn’t editable and no blue lines appeared. Why would that be? I attach a screenshot… uh, I thought I could, but I can’t.