fade effect

is there a way to fade in or out in animate pro…if so…cud u plz help…it is urgent…

Yes, make a completely black drawing. Put it on the top layer. Then add the transpancy effect and animate it to fade in or out.

ok i cud understand that but i jus got the program…and i’m still fresh at locating tools…plus the black drawing thing…does it hav to be black or it can be applied to any layer such as a smoke layer i’m trying to imitate currently…

the idea is that smoke clears and debris fall from the ceiling…so the smoke would have to fade out and the debris would fall and the background layer will be clearly seen after…understand?

thats what i’m working on currently…basically…a clock explodes, explosion takes up screen, smoke covers the screen, fades out showing the aftermath on the wall…

transparency can be applied to any drawing :slight_smile:

lol…still havent told me where i can get the transparency tool or how to obtain the transparency effect… ;D

the same way you add an effect. Are you using pro or standard?

here is one for standard


it is for the blur effect, but just choose transparency instead of blur from the menu.

If you are using pro have a look at my network view video for how to add transparency modules.

i’m using pro…a trial actually

and the link doesnt work…for the standard i mean

it does now, the last few letters were just black.

but i suggest you watch my network view one instead since you are using pro.


You need to add a transparency module and animate it.

the whole layer becomes transparent…i only want it to begin at a certain point…what do i do…

i’m sorry if i’m disturbing you…but i haven’t totally understood the tutorial mainly because of volume issues…

but it would be helpful if you can spare a step by step tutorial for the fade out part on a layer that is already transformed…

it would be a big help…

I will do one when the house is quiet if you still don’t understand (sorry about the volume issues my current ones have VASTLY improved sound).

Now you can get it transparent that is good.

Now go to a frame with a cell on the transparency selected, set a keyframe(press F6) then go to another later cell with the animate button on and change the value (or press F6 to create another keyframe) and you should get a smooth transition between the 2 values.

PS I live to to use the (+) in the layers and expand out the effect so i can edit the values there.