Face perspective with deformation tool

Hey everybody. I was wondering if there’s any tutorial or if someone can explain how to achieve what can be seen here at minute 1:05, when the girl walks. I understand how to do it separately, but I was wondering how to move the head and that everything inside of it (eyes, mouth, nose, etc) moves with a little bit of delay as shown in the video.




I think the face elements are on a peg that moves back and forth. If you want to get fancy with it, move the elements individually so that the far eye appears farther from the nose, etc. as it turns toward camera - thinking a little more realistically in terms of the perspective. Does that help?

I concur, that is exactly how we animated flat 2D faces turning in space on a recent project I worked on: pegs on each individual piece so they would move independently and create the illusion of a shape with volume turning in space, with those pieces parented to the peg that controlled the entire head.
- JD

Exactly, you can animate everything on individual pegs, and then connect them together with a hierarchy.

Check out the Head Rig tutorial: