"eyes" icones on layers / sound Track

Hello, I have upgraded my version of ToonBoom SB to “pro2” since a few months.I have some questions relative to several points I noticed in the pro2 version 9.1.0 (6088)Questions:1-There seems to be a bugg with the “eyes” icones of the layers: Basically, the eyes keep closed since there is no drawing on a layer., and this is very helpfull, especially when you have a high quantity of layer in a panel.But, in the pactice, these eyes sometime keep closed even if there is a drawing on a layer.Do I have to upgrade my version to solve this problem?2- In a previous version of pro2, the “selection” tool had 3 possibilities: Select/Cutter/Select by color.In my version I don’t have any access to “Select by color”.I mean that the icone just simply does not exist.Is there a possibility to have this fonction back ?-Sound Track:I have a MAJOR problem with the SOUND since I have upgraded to ToonBoomStoryBoard Pro2:I cannot read (hear) any sound trak when I play my project.The only case where I hear something is when I move the track “manually” (it’s called scrubbing, or something like that, no?)How can I get back the normal function of the sound track player ???Thank you in advance for your help.F.Dybowski.PS:It is the first time that I come on this forum (not used to any forum!) and I don’t even know HOW i can read your answer if yo answer me!!!Just in case, here is my email adress: dybo@free.fr

I usually work in TBSBPro 1.5 but have right now a TB SB Pro2 Trial.1. The eyes seems to work fine. They even “shuts down” when all artwork is deleted on the layer. (-select all -delete) So it seems like they work as you expected. If there is a bug in your version I am not the right person to answer. 2. The trial has the three tools you describe, Select, Select By Color and Cutter.3. The sound works fine on the trial version. But you have to turn it on , go to the top menu - Play - Play Sound. I saw that another person here missed the option to import pallettes.Best regardsIvar

I’m a newbie on Toon Boom Storyboard. I recently downloaded and registered my first Storyboard V1.5 online. With the User guide, I have a hard time locating the Timeline Icon . So I tried the pulldown menu on the View portion, but still I could not find the Timeline Layout.Can anyone on the forum help me on this? Or is this a download error?Please help.flas1359