Eyerig on animate pro 3

it’s my first post as animate pro user.

today, i followed the eye-rig tip:

but i have i issue that after i follow this part, the iris is halfly covered by the eyelid outline as my file:


check my file and tell me what i forgot.

cheers :slight_smile:

Since you’re using Pencil lines and not Brush lines, then you should use an Autopatch module instead of the Colour Override method. The Autopatch was added exactly for this reason.

You do need to set up the eye in a specific way for this to work. Just put the line of the eye in the Line Art layer, then the white fill on the Colour Art layer.

Now you can connect an Autopatch out of the eye (instead of the Colour Override), and connect that to your Cutter.

That should do it!