Eyedropper not working properly :'(


i just upgraded an old XP machine to Windows7 professional.
Since the switch the eyedropper tool only works inside of Animate Pro’s window, which of course is useless if you want to pick colors from an external picture (99,9999% of cases).
This worked perfectly before!
All drivers, Win-updates are up to date including Antivirus.

Core2Duo 6700, 4gb ram, dual monitor,nvidia 7950 (2xdvi)
W7pro 64,Animate Pro 2 (freshly downloaded from TB site - should be latest version)

I couldn’t find any setting specific to the eyedropper tool.
Any hints appreciated!
Thanks :slight_smile:


i just installed it on another W7 machine…the same problem :frowning:
Is this a W7 bug? It’s a real impediment…
There has got to be a way to make it work.

any hints appreciated!

that’s strange.
in the meantime it works on one w7 machine but not the other. (both w7pro64)
I disabled windows animation in windows.
maybe it’s an graphics adapter issue. the machine where it works has a nvidia
9600gt, whereas the on where it still doesn’t work has an older nvidia 9750gt.
current drivers respectively of course.

btw. when is the next version of animate due? :slight_smile:


yes, sorry. at first both didn’t work (when i first posted). but i tried many different things to get it to work in the meantime and i stumbled upon the window effects of windows. on the one machine it resolved the problem but on the other not. even if i turn w7 in a w2k of sorts by turning everything off it still doesn’t pick colors outside of tb.
but at least it works on my main machine, so i can correct the colors there.
still it’s a bit annoying…

thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

It’s not supported with the newer OS. You can always import the image into Animate Pro and colour pick from within.


Hmm, I thought you described it not working on both machines.

It could be a graphics card issue, but I thought it was related to the windows management. In other words, the way that the OS lets you handle things inside the window vs. outside.

On Mac I can only pick inside, if I pick outside it switches to that window. And it’s because the OS directs that it should happen this way, not the software.