Eyedropper not working on scaled windows display

I run Windows 10 at 125% magnification. When I use the eyedropper tool from the color window it grabs the incorrect color. When I drag the eyedropper around i can see the swatch change but from colors that are to the left and up of the cursor. Please fix this! it’s annoying as hell! :smiley:

Here is a cap of my screen - photoshop is the only program that is scaling at 100% - toon boom, qt and chrome are compensating to 150% - for chrome, i see this as acceptable - for qt and toon boom i do not - the canvas should be 1 to 1. as i’ve said before, i can move the eyedropper to find the virtual placement of a color assuming the 150% ratio - it’s unusable :frowning: and don’t forget that the cursors do not honor the scaling which IMHO should…


Have you tried special glasses using a prescription designating the area you need to work?

I have 3 different prescriptions (i.e. distance, reading, oil painting…an extended arm holding a long stemmed brush length’s area).

You might need to use a large free standing magnifying glass in conjunction with glasses.

To me, this would work better than changing the software/hardware settings on the computer.

Hey Toon Boom,

I recommend that you run Harmony on a scaled display in Windows - you will find other quirks as well - most notably to me are the drawing cursors which do not honor Windows scalling either :confused:

There’s issues when working with scaled displays. It screws with the cursor position with Cintiqs, for instance. I suppose what you mention shouldn’t happen whatever the scaling, but for art/animation wouldn’t it be better to work at 100%?

Luis Canau

You may find it an oxymoron but i am visually challenged yet I love photography, animation and golf! (i hit 300 yards routinely off the tee and the first thing out of my mouth is always “where’d it go?” - most of the time the reply is “right down the middle” then my playing partners storm off mumbling that they are being beat by a blind man!) LOL. So yes! I have the 27 cintiq and i cannot read the default font at 2560x1440 so i use 125% mag to help along with some font tweaking. This problem is not just of toon boom, many software houses overlook the accessibility metrics when they write software. i digress…

Yes, it would. The scaling issues are with regard to the UI. The canvas should NOT be scaled - easily overcome by zooming in and out. But it would be nice to have the menus and toolbars and subsequent windows be scaled accordingly respecting custom fonts specified in accessibility as well as cursor sizes. the drawing cursors are invisible to me (i’ve gotten around that a little by using the “show brush size in cursor” Photoshop is a very good example of how things should be…

It could have something to do with the capabilities of the graphic card.
On my Windows system both colour pickers work just fine even when the
display is scaled (NVidia GeForce GTX 950).

I have seen this working properly on the better graphic cards but not so
well on the lower-end ones. It could also be due to the graphic card driver
if you have a good card or the graphic card driver settings.

I made two screenshots of my NVidia settings available here:

I’m using an NVidia GeForce GTX 980 and my settings are the same… I’ve been a programmer since the early eighties - i used to write drivers for windows :wink: i’m certain that windows metrics are not being fetched and compensated for. I still suggest to the Harmony developers that they should run with 150% mag to see the quirks (i had stated that i was running at 125% but after rechecking it’s at 150%)

It’s working scaled at 125%. Why would you think that scaling it that
extra 25% would bring out some supposedly new flaw? If the “metrics”
are being fetched at 125%, why should 150% be any different - it’s still
using the same methods, no?

I’m not trying to be difficult here, but if there’s some fundamental
difference between screen scaling at 125% and 150% (beyond
resource usage) I would be curious to know.

At 150% your text boxes would be all messed up anyway. It’s better
to just lower the screen resolution currently if the intereface is too
small on 4K monitors.