Eye Dropper Tool Doesn't Work in Storyboard (regular - not pro)


I’ve imported a photo from which I’d like to sample colors from to use as my brush color, but it never seems to work.

If I use the dropper tool to sample a color from the photo, it asks me if I want to add the color to my project so I click “yes”, but then it just keeps using the previous color for my brush even though the new color I sampled is selected in the palette (the photo appears in a swatch). Furthermore, if I try use the Dropper tool again to sample a different color from the photo, I don’t even get the message at all and it continues to use the original color, not the color I sampled from the photo.

I’ve also tried doing this by “adding a new color” but then there is no Dropper tool to use to sample a color from the photo, I can only use the color pickers to create a new color from. This is so frustrating - all I want to do is grab a skin tone from the photo to use as my brush color!

This seems like it would be such a basic feature - why is it so hard to make this work? Is there something I’m missing/doing incorrectly here? Prior to purchasing Storyboard, I would use Sketchbook Pro ($60) to do this all the time, but it lacked some of the storyboarding workflow-specific features that looked appealing to me in Storyboard, but now I find myself wishing for the other program’s drawing tools back. This is my first Toon Boom software purchase, and so far I’ve had two major issues already in less then 24 hours with it.


I want to like this software, but so far it’s been slowing down vs. speeding up my workflow, which is the complete opposite of what my intent was with this purchase. Any help/guidance is appreciated.

Hi, There,
Please notice that Storyboard v1.5 is an old product, please upgrade to the latest Storyboard Pro v4.1 which i tested and it was working.