Eye dropper in colour picker dialogue not working


I’m having a strange issue with the dropper tool in the colour picker window. While I move the cursor, the sampled colour constantly changes. It appears to choose the colour I’m over for one frame, but immediately flickers to either black or white, and these are the only colours it ever actually samples.

I saw some older posts about this issue, but they all have dead links to missing solutions. I’m running MacOS 10.12.3 with Harmony 14, using a cintiq pro 16. Has anyone else had this issue?

I’m having the same issue with color picker. Anyone have a solution?

Same here. Harmony 15.0.4, MacOs 10.12.4

Anyone found a fix for this? It’s pretty damn annoying.

Have you tried using the hotkey “D” to pick a color?

Yes, it appears to be the same behavior if I do that. The color always comes up black.

I’ve found a temporary solution that is working on my end for now, and I think it might point to the cause of the problem.

I have been using the color window outside the main window of the program on my second monitor. When I go to pick a color, and the Colour Picker window comes up for me to select the color, if I move the Color Picker window directly over the artwork first, then use the eye dropper, the Color Picker eye dropper works as it should.

The problem appears to occur when the Colour picker window isn’t over the artwork and the eye dropper passes over UI/System colors.

Hope this helps someone else.


It’s not at all a fix for the problem, but the way I’ve worked around it is import your reference picture into photoshop (or any other program you use), use the working eyedropper tool from THAT program, and write down the numbers for the color you want. Copy down the Hue, Saturation, Brightness, Red, Green, and Blue values and then manually input them into the color selection of toon boom. Yeah it’s annoying, but it works well enough.

I have the same problem, and figured out this solution as well. Still, it is far from ideal, and an unnecessary nuisance.

I have a trial version of Harmony Advanced and am facing the same issue. The color picker only picks black or white no matter what I do. Why Harmony, why!!
I’m using a windows 10 OS.

Could this issues be due too graphics cards issue? Make sure you have your driver updated and if you have a dedicated NVIDIA card the software is using it instead of the integrated Intel one.

It still happens to me. I think it’s related to multiple monitors. Do you guys have more than one monitor on the computers you’re using?

IT FINALLY WORKED after closely observing toonboom’s own tutorial on how to use the eyedropper to create a palette.
Not sure if we all are having the same issue, but my mistake was in the ORDER.

1st, import your image as toonboom bitmap with alpha as straight, everything else as default.
2nd, make sure you’re on the color picker tool from the left hand toolbar.
3rd, make sure you’re NOT selecting an existing swatch, you’re simply on the color picker tool.
4th, while on the SAME LAYER as your image, click on the area of color you want from your image, now
5th, hit the “+” icon on the right hand side of the Palette.

There, it just added the color you picked.
My mistake was first selecting an existing swatch, and then trying to change its color by color picking from there. Was a disaster.
I’ll say that toonboom didn’t make this feature intuitive enough… because although you can manually change the color of an existing swatch by sliding the RGB or whatever manipulators, you can’t change the color by color picking from elsewhere.

Nice. I actually figured out what was wrong on my end in another topic. It had to do with having Astropad open while using the color picker. If you close Astropad then use the color picker, it works like it’s supposed to.

can’t have multiple monitors. I have a cintique 24 inch connected to my PC and it will not work unless I do it on the main monitor. Annoying, but i just have to setup the color palletes first on main screne then move to stylus screen to work with stylus pen.

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Hey! I have a Cintique 24 and a PC and yes the only solution is to bring Harmony onto the main monitor! Thanks for sharing… I’ve been struggling with this SO MUCH and didn’t even think to try my main monitor. :slight_smile: Still not a real solution though… but at least I can work around it. I thought I was screwed!