Extreme Lagging/Not Responding When Using Tools

I often run into the issue of harmony not responding and lagging when I use the brush tool and others like it. For example when I use the brush tool to draw a simple line in a new project, the line won’t show up as I draw, and the program will freeze for a while as it slowly loads in a brush stroke and this will happen repeatedly. Just about any of the tools I need to draw/animate end with the same reoccurring issue. I’ve tried updating and reinstalling my graphics driver, restarting my computer and just reopening the program several times but it can take hours to randomly “fix” itself.
Right now it’s taken over 5 hours and I still am not able to use harmony properly because of this issue and I’m out of options to get it to work. I’ve only had the program for less than a year but since the beginning I’ve had this issue and it’s affecting my work significantly. Sometimes when I open the program it works fine, other times it doesn’t and it will stay like that for ages, please help!

Lenovo laptop
Windows 10

Your RAM is a little on the low side.
Which graphic card model is installed?
Does it happen also when you’re plugged into the power outlet?