Extracting all frames to same file.

Hi! I’m new to Toon Boom Studio 6. I’d like to know if that’s possible to extract my animation to a bmp/png file but not each frame to other file.
I got 4 frames in my animation each 8x8 px size. Now I need to have it in one png file size 16x16 px like this:
I know I can manually copy and paste all frames but it takes too much time and I have to do this each time I change my animation. I need this because I’m making animations for game and my game engine need that format.

You would need to do this manually in TBS or you can just render out the frames and assemble them in Photoshop or another bitmap editing software.

Alternately you could use a peg if frame1 to frame4 were in different element columns to resize and displace the images to have all four displayed in the manner you suggest inside TBS.