extra tvg~ files

I used a huge texture in a drawing. It made the scene file size enormous. So I decided to delete the texture. But the the scene folder size is still huge in spite of the fact that I deleted the texture. When I open the elements folder there is an extra tvg file with ~ sign in the end. Like drawing.tvg~. Maybe it is for backup purposes to recover any color or texture after deleting. Is there any option in the preference for canceling this extra file. Or do I have to manually delete these extra tvg~ files. Thanks in advance

You cannot automatically not have that file. If you want to clean up your folder you’d have to go in each folder and delete the ~ files. Some studios made themselves a script that finds and delete these files before they zip the scenes to send to another studio for example.

You should check also if you have extra files in the Frame folder like preview renders or QT that you don’t need anymore.

The ~ files are a backup like you said. It’s the last save version before the current official one. So sometimes you can rename that backup without the ~ and save the day, retrieve the condition before some messup of the official.

thanks for your replies.

This is definitely a backup file. I believe usually the backup file goes away when you save and close the project, but I’ll have to verify this one with the support team.