"Extra" Transform on Child Layers when Moving Peg or Deformer

I have a rigged Character (side view.) In default position as shown in attached image “Burglar_01”.

Heirarchy concerned is as follows:

Master Peg
Body Deformation
Eye(drawing) >Deformation Eyebrow

Simply put: Eye follows the Head, Head follows the Body (or body deformation should I say.) (see attached image Burglar_Node_View)

I can move my character either by his Master Peg Layer, or by the Body Deformer - both ways the head follows, and then too the eyes and eyebrows.

PROBLEM: When moving my character, Master Peg or deformer or even the head drawing by itself, the eye follows and then moves some more too - like extra movement (see attached image burglar_02 and notice where the eye is compared to the eye of Burglar_01)
Everything else in the rig follows perfectly - its only the eye jumping the gun.

Can anyone please tell me what is causing this? And how do I fix it?

Many Many MANY Thanks.

My first instinct would be to check the eye too see if it received some outrageous Z depth value by mistake. If it was pushed forward a bunch it would appear to shift across the screen from the camera’s perspective.

It’s a good practice to create your hierarchies with pegs instead of stringing drawings together like that. I find there’s less room for error that way.

Eye does not have outrageous Z depth (0.1)

And just checked earlyier save - and eye layer is parented to a peg too - still doing same problem.

I was having the same problem with the hand, which was linked to the arm’s deformer through a KinematicOutput. As soon as I deleted the KinematicOutput and parented the Hand straight to the Arms deformer it was fine. - But the eye fuxxups whether theres a peg or not, Kinematic Output or not.