External Node Not Running Application Harmony 15

I’m just starting to get into Toon Boom and fairly new to the software. The problem is I just can’t get the External Node to work. I’ve tried the support documentation: Harmony 15.0 Premium Documentation: External Node and even reading more information from the forums: https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/general-discussion/a-simple-example-on-how-to-use-the-external-module-animate-pro and https://forums.toonboom.com/toon-boom-animate-family/general-discussion/a-second-example-of-using-the-external-module . They have great information but my scene just doesn’t work.

Here is the simple setup, random png is imported to the scene. That png is fed directly into the External Node (I’ve tried it from a composite node as well) and the external feeds into a display node. Instead of using any custom code I’ve written let’s use Image Magick. Simple install and in cmd using: magick convert C:\WINDOWS\Temp\temp.png -fill peru -colorize %80 C:\WINDOWS\Temp\tempimgout.png it looks like it works. I make sure I have a temp.png in the temp folder and it looks great.
So I delete my temp files just to make sure Harmony is generating them and I set up my external node with (attached screenshot ExternalSetup).

Then the message log tells me:
T 10:32:50.133 file does not exists (c:\WINDOWS\Temp\tempimgout.png)
T 10:32:50.133 Unable to read file: c:\WINDOWS\Temp\tempimgout.png

If I add the file to that location, the message log stops complaining but no fill takes place. I feel like I’m missing an execute button or some way for the external to run the script. It seems to create the temporary files fine but not run the program. I’ve tried play and render but they don’t seem to work either.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


C:\Windows is where Windows itself is installed.
Normally the user is prevented from wiring to this location.

A better choice for your external folder would be:
C:\temporary (temp if it exists might be used by other programs)

Hey rkriz,

Thank you for the quick reply. C:\Windows is a system folder which you can’t write to but C:\Windows\temp folder is accessible to any user to read and write in so it should have no issue reading and writing to that folder. I did just change the folder to my documents folder (C:\Users\Username\Documents) and the real temp folder %temp% located at C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp but it seems to be doing the same thing… The IN1 can write to the directory but it looks like it’s not even running the external program command. As a test, I tried writing a simple exe to write out a log file if the program was ran and no log file is being created (the program didn’t run). I hope it’s not as simple as I’m missing a run external command in the menus or something along those lines. It could be fairly simple misstep.