External Module Question

Hey guys can someone explain the External Module to me ? Ive read the ToonBOOm Animate Pro Documents. I want to know can i use an After Effects as my external software instead of exporting back and forth from TB AP and how does this work? I connected the external module to my character and background element ,but do i just open After Effects and will my elements be in my new After Effects Composite or do i need to export my elemnets from TB to what i want to do in After Effects. Sorry if i didnt explain this well.

I don’t think the external module does what you’re looking to do. The External module just lets you post-process some images with any application that can be run from the command line. I don’t believe After Effects can be run from the command line, with a simple set of commands.

If you want to actually go to AE afterwards, what you’ll probably want to do is set up multiple Write modules to export out the different layers to individual image files, then these could be imported into AE.


As I wrote in your other post, this is not really the purpose of the External module. This is used only for doing post-processing on images, using a software that can execute commands from the command line. Since AE cannot be used in this way, it won’t help you out there.