External Hard Drive?

Good morning! I was wondering about saving my projects to a dedicated external hard drive, and how that works with Animate 2. I am starting a project that involves animating a character over live video, and I’ve discovered that the video import process is pretty data-heavy, even after minimizing the size of the video file. I use Pro Tools for my audio editing, and my friends who use it as well suggest the external hard drive, particularly while recording, to reduce the workload on the internal hard drive running the program. I am curious if the same principle applies to Animate, or if it would have the opposite effect. I have a Seagate Momentus 7200 RPM drive, which is faster than my internal hard drive, with a Firewire 800 cable connection.


I have been looking at the Lacie 2Big or 5Big (if I should be so lucky) OR the Promise Pegasus R4 or R6. Has anyone got any input about these? I saw something on a website for an animation class, and they had a lot of information.

I’m looking to perhaps purchase something to dedicate completely to animation, so it doesn’t muck up the rest of my stuff. What do you all say about these? I know video peeps often work on the RAID drive and save to another. Thanks.

I never listen about this site before. However, I visited there. Contains great information. I’ve been thinking about getting an external hard drive for my movies and videos. I’m thinking I’ll be needing 1.5 or a 2 T drive. This will be helpful for me.

Hey,I have never tries this but I think if you try it in animation it will have opposite effect and if you have got the exact solution please describe it as I want to know that would it possible in animation or not?

It’s best to work on Animate projects on the internal drive unless you have a responsive on like the OP that is made for online video editing as these are as responsive as internal drives. You can safely zip and move projects to external drives for archiving though.