external hard drive help


I’m working on a large project and decided last night i would start saving to my External hard drive instead of the HD on my mac.

So i saved the project on my external hard drive and when I woke this morning opened the project from its new location and carried on animating scene 8 of my project , it was only a couple of hours ago that I realised scenes 1-7 are all empty!! The frames are all in the timelines for each scene but they are all blank!

I can still open the version of the project that is on my Mac HD but this is only scenes 1-7 and the scene I was working on all day today (scene 8) is on the project on the external HD.

Also to make things even more annoying my global library doesn’t seem to work at all. Its in the documents folder on my mac HD, but whatever i drag in doesn’t seem to show up in the library window in any of my projects.

Ideally once iv’e found a way to import scene 8 into the original project (on the Mac HD) and i have all scenes 1-8 together, i’d like to save the whole project on my HD and continue working from there. Could anyone shed some light on how I might do this?

Thanks in advance


i dont know why that stupid smily face in there its supposed to be a figure eight as in “scene 8”

Normally this should be working. Perhaps if you give more details we might understand better. If you’re stuck contact support.