Extending grid in non standard sizes

I’m working with a camera size of 64x128. The grid fills up the full width, but only covers the middle 50% of the height. Is there a way to extend the grid to cover the entire height?



The standard 12 field guide is fixed in size. If you really wanted a grid to match your special configuration you could construct your own custom grid and place it on an element layer and extend its exposure for the duration of your time line . Using the Auto Light table it would be visible in drawing view. And it would also be visible in camera view although you can turn that track layer off in the timeline when not desired. The below referenced article will give you some insight into adding tools like perspective grids or custom grids.


That’s a bit obnoxious. Is there a way to put in a feature request for this?

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The grids are based on traditional animation dimensions (12 field and 16 field) and will work for most standard video output sizes. There is also a “Normal” grid that is used more as a drawing reference. Find these options under View > Grid.
What are you using the grid for? Is it for use while drawing? If so, you could switch to the Drawing view, where the grid is displayed without the Camera frame, draw your animation there, and then resize your artwork, if necessary, in the Camera view for final output.
Also, if you take JK’s advice and create one or two grids of your own, you could save them in the library for reuse.
See the following tutorial: http://www.toonboom.com/products/toon-boom-studio/how-to/tipsandtricks/drawing-perspective.php

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