Extending Exposure in Scene to be long enough - Mine only goes to 133 frames.

I need to make a 6 minute music video. Is there anyway to get one scene file in toon boom to extend exposure to 9000 frames? Any file will only extend to 133 frames.

Also, if I can’t and I have to animate in scenes, how would I put all those scenes together?

Scene / Scene Length…/ Number of Frames / OK

Use your favourite Video Editor, e.g. Movie Maker / iMovie / Premiere / Final Cut etc…

The file might be too heavy and extremely difficult to navigate if you make 6 minutes of many different camera angles/actions into a single scene. Unless you’re making or faking a single-shot project there’s not reason why you shouldn’t work on a shot by shot basis, where each scene/shot is defined by a different camera angle, and then edit everything together with adequate software.

Luis Canau