Extending an Exposure Sequence

Can anyone explain how this is different than just extending an exposure? I can’t quite figure out the difference.



When you extend the exposure of a single cell, simply assign them a time duration. You extend the length of the cell to cover a period of time or number of frames. Select the cell and go to animation / cell / extend Exposure (F5)
If the element contains multiple cells exposed, then contains a sequence, and you may want to assign different duration to the cells, in which case you can select the sequence, go to animation / cell / set Exposure / set Exposure to 1 or 2 or 3 or simply assign a different exposure and all the selected sequence will change to the exposure value assigned.

Now, is possible that you want create a numeric cell sequence, then you can go to exposure sheet, select a cell containing a number, click on the red arrow, on the cell´s right hand side, press shift key and hold it down, then release shift key, then the mouse. A numeric cells sequence is obtained. User Guide page 229.
If you want to fill a selection with sequence, you can use the Sequence Fill option (Ctrl+M). User Guide page 240.
I hope I have been able to interpret your question. Regards.