extending amount of time background holds over multiple panels

Is there a way to extend a background image’s exposure so that it carries through on multiple panels? I like to do a lot of poses using different panels, but every time I make a new panel it doesn’t carry the background.

You could try the smart add panel, the add panel icon with three stars on it, or go to the top menu -Storyboard - Add Smart Panel.
In the pop up window selct the layers you want to duplicate for the new panel and press OK.

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Yes, I was also wondering about this. Especially for backgrounds, it’s very clumsy to have to duplicate this for every panel, especially if you want to change it somewhere down the line. Another solution would be if Storyboard Pro would work with instances of a drawing, stored in your library for example. That way, if you change the original drawing, the re-used background in your other panels would be automatically updated. Is there something like this available in the program?