Extend Movie Clip to length of imported Audio?

Hey there guys, I’m pretty new to Animate I’ll admit, but I just downloaded Animate 2 PLE and am trying to work on a new project. The project is a short movie clip (I have the audio as both an MP3 and a WAV file) and I will be animating in sync with the audio. When I start a new project and then import the audio, it ends up cutting the audio after a few seconds, rather than extending the new project to the length of the audio clip.

So my question is: Is there any way to have Animate 2 extend the length of the movie to match the end length of the audio I’ve imported? I can always manually keep adding frames, but it seems unnecessarily complicated. Please let me know if you have any idea :slight_smile: Thanks!

Since it uses references to external files, Animate doesn’t shorten the length of the imported audio file.
You can extend the project length by grabbing that little red line at the top of the timeline and dragging it rightward.
Then double click the name of the sound to open the sound element editor
which allows you to extend the length of the clip.

THANK YOU! That’s exactly what I needed. Your solution worked perfectly :slight_smile: It just so happened you were able to help me on my birthday, no less. Thanks again :slight_smile: Hope someone else sees this and benefits from your knowledge and my clueless-ness. Appreciate it immensely!