Extend Exposure Question

I’m trying to extend a cell to cover the subsequent 4 frames before my next cell. Whenever I use extend exposure rather than just extending the cell for the 4 frames to meet with the next cell it also pushes the next cell down by four frames (so it is now on frame 9). Is there a way to just extend without moving the rest of the timeline? I know Avid well and it’s the difference between extend and overwrite, both being an option. I’m thinking the same is true in TBS but I don’t know where to find it. Thanks, Kurt

This is kind of a workaround, and may not be ideal for you:

You can select your NEXT CELL and drag it to the next frame (N+1). This automatically extends the PREVIOUS CELL’s exposure to fill in the gap up to frame N (where your NEXT CELL was located in the Timeline).

Then you can drag your NEXT CELL back to its original spot (frame N).

Alternatively, you can draw your key poses in consecutive frames. Then start dragging them to their correct time/frame location to get their exposures extended automatically.

Thanks for your quick reply. I tried the first one, but if I’ve placed cells further down the timeline that doesn’t work. This is a bug they’ve fixed in Harmony, I was hoping they’d do the same for Studio.