Extend Exposure = Moves Keyframes too

simple update but really necessary when refining complex animation:

you often need to add a few exposures between 2 keyframes on a Drawing Element to adjust the timing.
Currently the only way to do this is to manually click and drag keyframes. please make it possible to adjust the distant between keyframes when you use the “Extend Exposure” command. ie when you extend exposure between 2 keyframes, all keyframes after that point are shifted along the timeline. The same would apply for removing exposures…the keyframes should move back accordingly.

Pegs do function like this currently, it needs to be implemented in Drawing Elements too.

A small thing in principal, but very cumbersome when you have a 3 minute timeline and you need to drag 40 keyframes in order to add a few frames at the beginning of your animation.

addendum :
I incorrectly referred to “Extend Exposure”.
For the sake of clarity, I was suggesting an update to the “Add/Remove Exposure” command, not the “Extend Exposure” command.

I have subsequently noticed that this functionality does exist in principal in TBS.
However it has only be implemented when you remove an exposure (E-key), and not when you add an exposure(R-key). ie. you can shorten the timing between 2 keyframes(E-key), but when you try and extend the timing(R-key), the keyframes remain in place.

As the functionality does currently exist when you remove exposures, it shouldn’t be a big issue for your coders to correct the software, so as to work when you add exposures.

Without wanting to re-iterate the importance of this, but the ability to lengthen or shorten the distance between 2 keyframes by adding or subtracting exposures is essential for refining the timing in an animation.

This functionality alone is what makes Flash(dare to mention the word), such a great animation tool when refining timing (Flash uses the F5 and shift-F5 keys to do the same thing). On this point in conclusion - for some reason it is not possible to assign the F5 key to Add Exposure and the shift-F5 key to remove exposure (so as to keep the keyboard shortcuts consistent with Flash). Is it possible to look at this in your keyboard shortcut mapping?

Hi Rob,

If your element is parented by a peg, then you’ll have to collapse the peg layer prior to extending the exposure for your drawing. You can then expand it to view the results. Without a peg, you no longer have this concern and can extend or shorten exposure as you wish using the shortcuts you’ve indicated. You can edit shortcuts for these features by accessing the Edit > Preferences > Shortcuts tab and selecting Element Menu in the Category drop-down list. Look for “Add Exposure” and “Remove Exposure”, listed alphabetically. Be sure to clear the current key first, then click “Click and press new key”, followed by your desired shortcut. Hope this helps.

hi jonah,
thank you for your suggestions, but I think you misunderstood the issue.

I am not referring to add exposures on a peg (as this does currently shift KEYFRAMES on that peg), but rather to adding exposures between KEYFRAMES on a DRAWING element.

Experiment: Add drawing element, add a few exposures and then place a keyframe on the first and last frame. Now select a frame in the middle and press R-key-> adds more exposures, but end-keyframe remains in place.
(However, as I mentioned in the last post, if you REMOVE exposure, the end-keyframe does shift back)

Do the same experiment with a Peg element and the result is correct-> the (peg) end-keyframes do shift when you add exposures.

Mathieu, do you guys at TBS dev understand what I talking about? Is this easy to fix in the next build?

With regards to keyboard shortcuts, the issue I was raising was specifically with assigning the F5 and shift-F5 key to the add/remove exposure functions mentioned.(to be consistent with Flash) The software won’t allow these Function keys to be used. (Though inconvenient, this issue is far less important than the keyframe extension issue on drawing elements, which is a vital fix)

Hi Rob,

Just wanted to let you know that I have noticed the behavior and reported it to the development team. We will try to get this done for the next version but I cannot guarantee it will be done in time.



P.S. Mathieu is no longer handling TBS dev but if you get request or suggestion simply post them here and we will forward them to the right person.

thanks ugo,

please see what you can do.
it is actually quite a critical issue when animating with keyframes on drawing layers.
As I mentioned previously, it is implemented when removing exposures, so from a coding perspective, it shouldn’t be a big bug fix to implement when adding exposures.

personally, I am far more concerned with seeing current functionality ironed out and made more robust in the next build, than overly concerned with new features.

Thanks for the taking a look at the problem and getting back to me.

I’ll second that suggestion

I very much agree with this - first and foremost I want my software to work as it is a tool to earn my living - once that’s sorted, new features are great!

I very much agree with this - first and foremost I want my software to work as it is a tool to earn my living - once that’s sorted, new features are great!

I make my living from design work, too…ToonBoom’s a side project at the moment, until we get more comfortable with it. Just having the extend and remove exposure and other tweaks to the Timeline would make my life a lot easier. Making things more consistent would also help…

I did notice that ToonBoom did find time to include in version 4.5 a new feature to “import home video and animate over the top of it”. That looks fun for kids, but not that useful for my work…

just installed new 4.5 and saw that you guys sorted this out! worth the upgrade alone… thanks ugo+team