Extend Expose not working

Just downloaded the advanced trial version of Toon Boom Harmony.

F5 does not work, every time i go to press it the “f” button takes me the beginning or last frame, and “5” flips the image. Instead of extending the exposure like its suppose to do it does this. In addition, the “extend expose” and “set expose to…” are not able to be selected under animation at the top for whatever reason. It seems NOTHING is working to extend the exposure. Can someone help me extend expose somehow with something i haven’t tried?

Well you don’t say if you are on a Mac or Windows. Mac’s typically don’t default to having the F keys mapped correctly. If you have a windows machine, have you mapped or has another program you use or perhaps currently have open remapped your F keys. Check your preferences. The first tab is keyboard shortcuts. Be sure you are using Toonboom Harmony shortcuts and not Adobe Flash or Toonboom Studio.

Are you pressing the function key F5 or are you pressing the keys F and 5? The function keys work differently on Mac and Win, as mentioned, and some keyboards, especially on laptops, have function lock options similar to num or caps lock that might need to be activated to work as function keys.

If you just installed the software without any previous knowledge I suggest reading the documentation or checking the Learn portal at https://learn.toonboom.com/.
Here’s some information about exposure: https://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-15/premium/timing/about-adjusting-exposure.html (check the menu on the right for increasing, decreasing, extending, etc.)

Thanks so much for the advice!

Thank you SO much! I figured it out thanks to that last link! Thank you sooo much!!