Extend advanced cycle (loop) feature

I was just mulling over what friendlycat and Rob Campbell were saying in “Why can’t I loop a cycle” (20070124) and I was wondering if “extending a cycle” could be included as a new feature in a coming version of TBS?

It would automate the process of saving several objects (selected from the timeline layers) to the library then adding those same objects from the library to timeline ‘x’ number of times (similar to the change loops feature on the time line for pegs).
So you could then select several layers (one cycle) then right click and select ‘extend cycle’… Result being the cycle is stored in the library and it is also repeated on the timeline.

In theory it sounds easy but I don’t know how much code and time it would take… it’s an idea anyways

added later…
I just need to carify what I meant above:
Extend the “Create Advanced Cycle” or “Create Cycle” feature to include the ability to select multiple layers (objects). In so doing add these grouped objects (one new cycle) to the library.
At the moment you can extend a single layer cycle but not multiple layers.